“Oh, you homeschool?’ Deep breath. Do you humor this conversation or leave it lingering in its awkwardness?

How about this one? “He’s deployed? I don’t know how you do it. Are you so worried? Do you ever hear from him? Was he involved in the {insert any random military related tragedy reported on news media}?

Motherhood alone is hard enough isn’t it? Those laundry piles aren’t going to walk themselves to their respective homes. The dishes imply there are more than the people you are aware of living under your roof. The car looks like you may, in fact, live inside it and the groceries aren’t going to go get themselves…

Homeschool, especially in a small community, can often feel isolating.

Moving frequently with the military can make it more difficult to meet new people, and even more so when you have 2 or 3 kids in tow, right?

How do you do it all?

Homeschool on the Homefront is the place to come for encouragement and validation whether you’re a home educator, military spouse or both.

Hi, I’m Erin. I grew up in the same house my entire life and {gasp} graduated from public school. College led me to my husband, Steven, and introduced me to the military. ┬áIn the past 12 years of marriage, we have lived on 2 continents, in 7 states, 12 houses and have grown to a family of 6.

When we moved to Europe, I wasn’t ready to send my baby to school in a new country and decided to homeschool with very little preparation. I found the greatest gift in time with my favorite little people and the flexibility to learn wherever the military led us.

I’m on a mission to normalize homeschool in our military community. We live in a tiny town where its hard enough to find something to do homeschool or not. I’m quick to joke about it to try and break the ice when meeting new people, but the truth is homeschool is a gift. I’m learning more about me and my heart. I’m learning to let go, to trust God, to show grace to my kids and to enjoy the small things.

Join me! Each week, I will introduce our Homeschool on the Homefront community to a new military homeschooling mom, who can share her own successes and words of wisdom to those of us learning as we go. I will share (likely with a heavy dose of sarcasm – bring your sense of humor) my own successes and failures in my journey to find how homeschool best works for us, how to make time for me and to balance the military life whether “single parenting” or not. I’m here in the trenches of everyday life, just like you.